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C&C Surveying Inc. has networked out to become a trusted partner in the Florida’s real estate industry. At C&C, we strive to provide professional land surveying services, including due diligence, acquisition, topography, right-of-way, consulting, commercial and all types of land boundary surveys, to developers, builders, lenders and government agencies

At our office in Spring Hill, Florida, we maintain a well-qualified staff of Registered Professional Land Surveyors, highly competent field personnel, armed with the latest in field technology, and office technicians who are trained in the latest techniques to perform the most advanced calculations and mapping tasks. We pride ourselves on keeping all of our equipment the latest and most advanced equipment available. We offer our clients the benefit of rapidly advancing technology. All of our equipment will be constantly updated and expanded with the extremely fast moving world.

Our dedication to quality work, graphic detail and personal service will enable us to build a long list of satisfied clients, that includes developers, home builders, engineers, architects, law firms, general contractors, land title and other real estate professionals.


C&C Surveying Inc. provides free, same-day quotes on all residential boundary and elevation survey projects.

C&C Surveying Inc. specializes in the rapid and accurate production of residential boundary surveys for the land title, mortgage banking and real estate industries.

C&C Surveying Inc. is fully Licensed and Bonded. C&C Surveying Inc. maintains all appropriate Florida licenses and adheres to the highest professional standards of the industry.